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Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm 17.0 is a great tool for creating professional UML diagrams and software models quickly and easily. It is an easy-to-use program that allows users to create high-level diagrams, ERD (entity relationship diagrams), BPMN (business process modeling notation), and other types of UML models. It offers numerous features such as automatic diagram layout, code generation, scripting, and much more. 

This software also allows users to share their models with other members of the team using a variety of collaboration tools. The latest version contains many improvements over its predecessor such as support for flowcharting, new diagram types, and an improved user interface. It also supports a range of languages including C++, Java, SQL, and XML.

Visual Paradigm 17.0 is available for download as a 30-day trial version with full features included. After the trial period ends, users can purchase a license key to unlock the program and continue using it. Additionally, users can use Visual Paradigm 17.0 Crack Keygen Key to activate the program without buying a license.

Key Features:

High-Level Diagrams: Create diagrams such as UML, ERD, and BPMN quickly and easily.

Code Generation: Generate code from your models with support for up to 10 programming languages.

Automatic Layout: Automatically arrange your diagrams according to specific layout rules.

Scripting Support: Integrate and write scripts in Python or JavaScript to extend the program’s functionality.

Collaboration Tools: Share your models with other members of the team using collaboration tools such as sharing diagrams over email or FTP.

Entity Relationship Diagrams: Create entity relationship diagrams to visualize the structure of your databases.

Business Process Modeling Notation: Visually model your business processes to gain a better understanding.

Fix Incorrect Database: Analyze and fix any incorrect entity relationships in your databases.

Series Diagram Fixes: Automatically fix common issues in your series diagrams.

Unique Guide: Work with many different diagrams in a single guide.

Structure Panel: Easily manage and organize your diagrams in the structure panel.

Flowcharting: Create flowcharts and diagrams to visualize the logical flow of information.

Latest Device Set: Update your diagrams with the latest device set that contains more than 1000 new shapes.

Project Tools Set: Manage your projects with the project tools set that includes Merger, Diagram History, Automation, and more.

Avoid Overlapping: Keep your diagrams clutter-free with the Auto Align & Space tool to avoid overlapping shapes.

Support Shortcuts: Learn the keyboard shortcuts to achieve maximum productivity.

Easy to Share: Quickly and easily share your diagrams over email or FTP.

Support: Get support from the Visual Paradigm team via email or live chat.

User Interface: Enjoy a modern and sleek user interface that allows you to easily find and use the features you need.

What’s New?

The new version of Visual Paradigm 17.0 comes with major improvements and new features such as:

  • Support for flowcharts
  • New diagram types, including Gantt charts and Org Charts
  • Improved user interface with new icons and an improved search function
  • More than 1000 new shapes in the device set
  • Project Tools Set including Merger, Diagram History, and Automation tools
  • Auto Align & Space tool to keep your diagrams clutter-free
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation
  • Support for Python and JavaScript scripting
  • Improved collaboration tools
  • Support for 10 programming languages
  • Easy to share diagrams over email or FTP

Pros & Cons of Visual Paradigm 17.0 Crack:


  • Easy-to-use software for creating high-level diagrams
  • Collaboration tools help teams stay connected and share their work
  • Support for 10 programming languages
  • Improved user interface with new icons and search function
  • Project Tools Set to manage and automate complex tasks 
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation
  • Easy to share diagrams over email or FTP


  • The trial version is available only for 30 days
  • Not compatible with Windows 8 or earlier

Technical Details:

Software Name: Visual Paradigm

Current Version: 17.0 

File Size: 694 MB

Platform: Windows

License Type: Trial Version

Support Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and more

System Requirements:

Windows: 7/8/10 (64-bit)

CPU: Pentium 4 or later

RAM: 1 GB 

Hard Disk: 1GB of free space

Download and Install Visual Paradigm 17.0 Crack Version:

Step 1: Download Visual Paradigm 17.0 Crack from the link below, at the end of the article.

Step 2: Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.


Visual Paradigm 17.0 is a powerful diagramming tool that helps you create high-level diagrams quickly and easily. It comes with new features such as support for flowcharts, an improved user interface, collaboration tools, and more. It also comes with an extensive library of shapes and shortcuts to help you achieve maximum productivity. Download Visual Paradigm 17.0 Crack today and experience all the features it has to offer!

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